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About Us

We are a web development creative agency providing Mobile App, Web Design & Web Development, Branding and Social Media Marketing services. We guarantee short-turn around in all our services to our customers. We support our customers in helping them develop winning strategies for their businesses through innovative technologies. We at 5s3s have a passion for bringing more digital innovations to integrate marketing and branding.

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What We Do

Web Design

Custom design services are something we do together. Let’s create a digital footprint for your company.

Web Developement

5S3S offers the custom website for your business, simple site administration, integration with Analytics & Social Media.

Web Maintenance

Websites updates, backups, caching, and malware monitoring are all taken care of when your site is on 5S3S.

Brand Identity

We will shape a strong brand identity that takes your business to the next level as identity make you unique.

Mobile Application

We build custom IOS and Android apps that keep you connected to a large sharing market, interactivity, ease of doing business.

Digital Marketing

From market research and analytics, we provide a full range of digital strategy services to take your online marketing to success.

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